Tax Deductible Mortgage Plan
Walter Koziej
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Walter Koziej

Mercury Mortgages Inc.

Residential & Commercial with specialization in tax efficient mortgage strategies.




What makes Mercury Mortgages Inc. different?
For most Canadians, their home is the largest asset they will own. We aim to help them get the most value out of that asset by ensuring they have the best mortgage strategy. This means not only the best rates and terms but also the best overall mortgage strategy - one that provides a clear path to financial well-being. We make it our priority to work with every individual to provide competent advice in a friendly and easy to understand manner.

Too many Canadians do not have a clear financial plan leading them into retirement, largely because it is difficult to build savings while paying off the mortgage. TDMP provides qualified homeowners with a way to do both without ending up out of pocket along the way. By using the mortgage as a financial planning tool for building wealth, homeowners can take full advantage of the equity they are building in their homes and end up paying off their mortgage many years ahead of time. We are pleased to be able to offer this fully managed strategy to our clients!

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